Here we provide you the guides, manuals and videos to help you to manage your GST (Updated Mar 2016).

Below are information in PDF and Videos to guide you. For video guide, please make sure you have a high speed internet connection.

Guide and Notes for MYOB GST Functions

Deemed Supply (DS) for Gift Rule (PDF)
Deemed Supply (DS) for Import of Service (PDF)
Import GST (IM) GST paid to forwarding company (PDF)

(There are change of method if you use MYOB v21/v16 and v22/v17. Make sure you use the latest version v22 or v17 onwards)

Video on how to submit your GST Return 

Watch here.

Video on how to make your GST payment

Watch here.

Guides on using MYOB to submit GST document online

How to generate GST3 report in MYOB (Youtube)
How to use MYOB to submit GST report (PDF)

MYOB Guide on how to submit GST Report Online

How to generate GST3 Report in MYOB (Youtube)
Guide how to use MYOB to submit your GST Return (PDF)
GST Update Steps (GST updates for customers on version 15,16,20,21) (PDF)


Guide on MSIC Codes (PDF)
Panduan Kod MSIC (Web)
Guide on MSIC Code (Web)