Business Inteliigent (BI)

Business Intelligence (BI)

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on 23/07/2013

Business Intelligence for MYOB, the home of Smarter MYOB Reporting

Pre built reports for Jobs, Profit & Loss, Accounts Payable, Account Receivable, Sales, Inventory and Purchasing. The easiest to use MYOB report writer.


 From RM 59 /mth only


Analyse, Chart, Pivot & Compare

  1. Prebuilt reports for Jobs, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Account Receivable, Inventory, Sales and Purchasing
  2. Create your own reports by changing columns, sorting and totalling
  3. Analyse, Chart, Pivot, Compare and drill-down
  4. Analyse data individually from multiple Company Files (licensed in blocks of five)
  5. Change report dimensions, chart types, date ranges, sorting, grouping, view top/bottom and filters
  6. Print reports to your local printer or PDF writer application
  7. Maintain users and report security



Bar Charts

Pivot Reports

Pie Charts


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