New Government Requirements
Tax reform is complex.

As we were busily preparing  your new accounting software, to ensure you remain compliant, Kastam Malaysia  made additional changes to the SST requirements. Increasing the time it’ll take to build.

Regretfully, this means we’ve had to move the release date to the week commencing the 15th of October.

We can however, build more into this new release so that it will include:

·         SST Registration Numbers & dates in Company Information window

·         New SST Tax Codes listing & made available in Sales and Purchase transaction window

·         Tariff information with your product items

·         SST compatible Invoice, Credit Note, Purchase Order, Debit Notes templates are available for you to customise your form

·         Enhancements on existing report: Send to Excel – increased row limit, improved total calculation


Second Release

At the end of October, we will have a further release which will enable users to generate SST02 report to submit SST tax return.

We will continue to update you during this time.

Any further enquiries, please contact us and make sure you have ABSS Business Support to get the updates.