Check the supported software versions as below.

  • Effective 1 January 2019
    From 1 January 2019, ABSS will no longer be providing technical support for certain earlier versions of ABSS product, and will instead be focusing on providing support resources for customers who are either:
    • Subscribed to an ABSS Premium Cover; or
    • Registered users of the latest-version ABSS product; or
    • Registered users of up to two versions before the latest-version ABSS product
  • Is your ABSS product affected?
    A table detailing the current support status of all ABSS products (including discontinued ABSS business products) is provided on the ABSS website, as are answers to further questions regarding the changes to phone-based support.
  • Are you still using your ABSS product?
    If you are still using your ABSS product to run your business and anticipate requiring phone-based assistance in the future (for example during end of financial year), we recommend you subscribe to ABSS Premium Cover, which will provide you with an automatic upgrade to the latest version of your ABSS product that is compliance with up to date legislative requirements along with ongoing access to phone-based technical support and more. Alternatively, some ABSS Partners may provide on-site support for earlier-version ABSS products. Technical Support Notes for older-version ABSS products will continue to be accessible on the ABSS website
  • What services do you have access to if you are three versions and below?
    If you are running your business on three versions and below of an ABSS product, ABSS is no longer providing phone-based technical support, and will NOT be able to assist you with the following procedures:
  1. Repair or recover your corrupted business datafile 
  2. Increase the number of user licenses or number of datafiles 
  3. Retrieve or reset the master administrator password when you have forgotten, misplaced or changing of PIC 
  4. Generate site key for RetailManager 
  5. General technical support issues

If you are currently a Premium Cover or Upgrade Cover customer, make sure you upgrade your software to the latest version to avoid any disruption. Customers on the latest and supported versions will not be impacted. 

ABSS ProductLatest VersionOther Supported VersionsNon-Supported Versions
ABSS AccountingV29.10V27, V28<V27
ABSS PremierV24.10V22, V23<V22
ABSS RetailManagerV12V12<V12
ABSS PayrollV14V12, V13<V12
*Updated on 6th September 2022

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