TS Server Software server technology can improve the performance of ABSS, Peachtree, Sage, QuickBooks, SAP, Tally and many other windows applications by up to 10 times faster. Fully appreciate the benefits that come with the ability to access these windows applications in real-time via a browser, iPhone, iPAD, Smartphone, Android, Mac and Windows Desktop from anywhere in the world.

It also maximizes the value of your current Windows applications. You’ll reduce operating costs, lower bandwidth consumption, and eliminate retraining and reengineering costs. And unlike some competitors who force a whole new application management structure, TSspeedbooster leverages your existing management infrastructure investments. The net result is faster ROI.

TS Server Software

”What a freedom for remote access or VPS users. With TS Server Software, you can make any windows application a web-based application.”

Best alternative to Windows Terminal Server and Citrix

“Server Technology” for a “Micro” price! TS Server Software enables any Windows XP, W7,W8 and Win10 system to act as a Citrix or a Microsoft 2012 Terminal Server: Multiple concurrent sessions, seamless application publishing, Universal Printing(*), Load Balancing, Failover, Application Control, and more!

This software also enables access on Windows 2008/2012 VPS and Cloud Servers.

Be more productive with TSspeedbooster

Cross Platform Server Technology

Just install windows OS in the TSspeedbooster server and access windows applications through free Linux Fedora or Ubuntu OS.

Lowering Costs and Simplifying Management

Easy user administration and concurrent licensing basis saves your money and eliminates the need to dedicate scarce IT resources to managing seats.

The Secure Solution

All transmissions are fully encrypted using Microsoft RDP based technology and your applications and mission-critical data remain secure on the server behind corporate firewall.

The Transparent Solution

The Transparent Solution Remote applications look and feel exactly the same as natively running applications, saving your time and retraining costs.